About Us

Our Story

We are a locally owned company based in Minnesota. We have served the entire state and beyond. If given the opportunity to perform work on any of your jobs, you would be happy with the quality you receive. From anything from the small homeowner job, up onto the commercial jobs, we have the means to serve you.

We started in 2002, doing work mostly in the Metro area. We did patios, driveways, sidewalks/steps and house additions. We started out small with 2 employees. Since then, we have grown into a Union Company having 8-15 employees depending on the time of year. We have also got into doing medium sized commercial jobs. Because of our growth, we have expanded with the help of new tools like the S-840 laser screed and many ride-on-power trowels, to offer our customers flatter and better quality floors. We also install ICF foundations, for the person looking for a more energy efficient building or home.